Legal IT Specialists

We are platform independent 
Legal IT specialists dedicated to the provision 
of Managed IT Services, including Cloud and Utility/Hosted Computing solutions, solely to the Legal Industry.

How can we help?

We offer consultancy on a variety of Information Technology (IT) related issues and provide the best in IT solutions to help firms work more effectively. We examine the controls within your IT infrastructure and report on its efficiency, providing recommendations and explanations for improvement.


Where are our clients?

We fully host and/or manage a broad cross section of systems over many sites across the UK spanning geographical locations as far North as Glasgow and as far South as Brighton.

How do we handle data?

We have our own ‘dedicated to legal’, 
private, Tier3 data centre presences based in North and South London, collectively known as the LegalDC.

What support do we offer?

Our high-quality helpdesk services are at the heart of the business, where performance is continually measured against an all-encompassing SLA, governed centrally by our fully automated helpdesk systems and procedures.

Who do we partner?

From our ever-growing list of relationships, we are Microsoft partners and can provide you with any Microsoft license under our Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement or SPLA on a rented basis.

Interested for your Law firm?

We’d love to tell you more, drop your information in to the right and a member of our Legal IT team will be in touch.