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We don’t just create websites, we are your marketing partners who create solutions and deliver results.

Developing and creating long lasting links between you and your potential clients.

It’s not just about your website presence, it’s also about how you use it to join up your ‘shop window’ with your back office PMS and more. At Accesspoint we are not only marketing scientists, we also have the support of our other group companies which offer bespoke development services to solve our ‘joined up’ thinking approach that will deliver more through innovative applications providing detailed management reports and creating integrated prospect and live client databases. Our web development team are at the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements for UK law firms and pride ourselves by taking things that little bit further, always challenging and looking for more than just a website.

The foundation of a website continuously evolves and the days of merely having a website with a basic web presence have ended. Failure to adopt new thinking and ongoing improvements will without doubt result in less traffic, low search engine ranking, slow performance speed and optimisation issues.

We provide our clients with a highly trained team with bags of energy, tons of knowledge in legal marketing and real passion to not only give you the ongoing support you’ll need in marketing to clients but keep you well ahead of your competition to deliver bottom line results.


Over half of all internet users are now browsing the web from mobile devices which means your website must be fully optimised for such devices. Content must be easy to find and read, navigation must be clear and call-to-actions must be visible at all times.

At Accesspoint Media Services we promise to be with you and your website every step of the way. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we provide effective solutions for all your website problems and allow you to present your service in the best light possible.

As your website is one of the first things a potential client comes into contact with, we will ensure that it is at an unbeatable standard with custom designs that reflect your brand. The first impression is always vital and the quality of your website design is an important factor in a client’s enquiry decision.


Initial meeting/phone call/etc (information gathering) – we always ask the all important questions to understand your firm’s current situation, who do you see as key competition and where do you want to be? Your dedicated project manager will discuss in detail: your service offering, unique selling proposition (USP), target audience (your ideal client) and your brand footprint/guidelines, likes and dislikes.


Planning – before we start the real work, with your help we will get to grips with the ultimate horizon point – what and where is it and how do we get there? The roadmap is key and will detail all the salient points for your mutual approval. From there we create a sitemap, wireframe and user flow (funnel) for your new website whilst working on the bigger picture challenges – competitor benchmarking/analysis, keyword research, Google trends/searches and lots more.


Content writing – website content isn’t just text for people to read, it’s about convincing visitors to take action. Our experienced Legal SEO content ‘kings or queens’ (whichever you prefer) will prepare ‘smart content’ for each page on your website. They are the guys who conduct research throughout and prepare copy keywords-rich, unique and written just for you. Content is key and should never be under-estimated, it’s not about how much but more about how well it’s prepared and presented.


Website design – taking on board all the information from the initial briefing session our team then create the base foundations for your website. Before the build programme commences we will offer you initial concepts to whet your appetite will a detailed rationale behind each detailed component part – your website mockup (including copy) and then wait for your feedback giving answers to your questions all the way.


Website development – Once happy with the design we will start building the website incorporating all the rich features, plug-ins and additional bespoke requirements that have been agreed. Our websites are developed using modern web technologies like PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and are built around a CMS (Content Management System) to make it as easy and quick as possible to update the site with new content (pages, posts) in the future.


Website testing – this stage is all about making sure your new website performs the way it was intended. We will test the entire site, including broken links, conversion monitors and more. Ensuring that every contact form is fully operational to make sure that you receive all of the valuable lead enquiries (we have some very clever advancements to help firms here). Our developers will make sure that the site is fast, fully responsive and compatible with every device and browser out there. Our SEO team will check that every title, description and keyword is correctly added.


Website launch – your brand-new website is now ready. We will re-index the new sitemap with Google and Bing search engines to ensure maximum exposure from the start. We will also provide any training you may require.

The first few weeks after launch are critical and the work doesn’t stop here. Monitoring the incubation period is vitally important to ensure that everything is making a healthy contribution to the success of the website. We try to get traffic flowing quickly, growing even faster and generating quality leads even faster still.

Website maintenance, monitoring, reporting – many people think ‘great we have website now’, but the work doesn’t stop there, in fact it’s only just begun if you really want to benefit from it’s presence. With our web-building package we include ongoing maintenance and SEO plus you will receive monthly detailed reports on how your website is performing, this includes goal conversions, Google analytics reporting, etc.

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Hiring and training or keeping regular marketing staff can be expensive, so letting us look after your marketing makes very good financial sense. As specialists in marketing services we bring added strength to your team and get under the skin of what you do best, how to promote it and generate new business leads.

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