Facilities management solution

Facilities Management Solution


Centralised storage for ease of access

Electronic document management is fast becoming an essential requirement throughout all law firms, being much more effective than the traditional, paper-based model. As a result, more and more firms have begun using document management systems (DMS) to ease the burden of many process heavy office duties and are fast becoming a part of everyday business. Our solution can help to create order and efficiency in the office whilst reducing costs and frustration.

  • Collects and stores all documents in a central location
  • Registers all incoming and outgoing documents
  • Archives documents
  • Assigns tasks / resolutions for documents and monitors their execution
  • Generates deadline reminders for documents needing a response
  • Creates new documents using approved document templates
  • Streamlines the process of agreeing on and approving documents within an organisation
  • Enables electronic or mobile signatures

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